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ARC-1686-NOD Series

Entry Level M.2 NVMe Hardware RAID Adapters

The Areca ARC-1686 series presents the advanced hardware RAID technology in enhanced performance of using 2/4/6 Bays M.2 NVMe. The hardware RAID adapter support off module power loss protection (PLP), on-board hold up supercapacitor, and M.2 slot Power Disable feature for guaranteed data protection. This is designed in a 1.6 GHz dual-core ROC processor and PCIe Gen 4.0 host/device interface and supports RAID levels 0, 1 (Simple/Multi Mirroring), 10, Single Disk (Single/Dual/Triple) or JBOD.

Areca ARC-1686-2NOD Picture Areca ARC-1686-4NOD Picture Areca ARC-1686-6NOD Picture

Areca Technology Areca Technology Areca Technology
ARC-1686-2NOD ARC-1686-4NOD ARC-1686-6NOD
2x M.2 Slots 4x M.2 Slots 6x M.2 Slots

$699 $799 $999


Supports 2/4/6 Bays M.2
  Hardware Secure Boot Ready  
  x8 PCIe Gen 4.0 Host Interface  
  Support Individual NVMe Power Disable Feature  
  RAID Levels 0, 1 (Simple/Multi Mirroring), 10, Single Disk (Single/Dual/Triple) or JBOD  
  Device Interface PCIe Gen4 NVMe / 6Gbps SATA per M.2 Slot  
  Support Off Module Power Loss Protection for Non PLP NVMe drive using on-board supercapacitor  
  Broad Operating Support including Windows, Linux (Open Source), FreeBSD (Open Source), Mac and VMware  
  Redundant Flash Image for Adapter Availability  
  Capacity Expansion, RAID Level/Stripe Size Migration  
  SED Support for Hardware NVMe Encryption Capacle Drives  
  Tri-Mode Interface at each M.2 bays - 12Gb/s SAS/SATA/Gen 4.0 PCIe (NVMe)  


Unprecedented Performance

  Based on the Broadcom SAS3908/SAS3916 x8 PCIe Gen 4.0 to SAS/SATA/PCIe RAID on Chip (ROC) controller, the ARC-1686 entry-level RAID adapter raises the standard to higher performance levels with several enhancements including a new high performance 1.6 GHz dual core ROC processor, outstanding performance PCIe Gen 4.0 host and 12Gb/s SAS/SATA/PCIe (NVMe) interface bus interconnection.  

Powerful Broadcom Tri-Mode ROC Engine


At the heart of ARC-1686-xNOD is the incredibly powerful Broadcom SAS3908/SAS3916 dual-core ARM A15 tri-mode ROC, giving effortless performance as desirable. It delivers storage interface PCIe Gen 4 NVMe, 12Gb/s SAS, 6Gb/s SATA, and the security of data protection. Damage in a software RAID is considered as the consumption of massive computation and memory bandwidth on the host. The ARC-1686-xNOD hardware RAID relieves the parity generation burden from the host and maximizes application processing performance.


Areca ARC-1686-NOD Spec

Off Module Power (OMP) Loss Protection


Enterprise storages need to ensure data integrity in the event of power losses and system crashes. The Power Loss Protection (PLP) is a hardware and firmware solution on the ARC-1686-xNOD RAID adapter to ensure that the NVMe SSDs inegrity is maintained should a power loss event occur.

Areca PLP
Areca PLP

 Fault LED Stay on for Troubleshooting


On-Board Supercapacitor keeps M.2 Fault LED Status for easy identification of failed drive when the ARC-1686 RAID adapter is removed from the system PCIe slot.


Power Disable Feature (PWRDIS)


The ARC-1686 Power Disable feature provides a M.2 management capability to electrically power cycle a physical NVMe drive in order to perform a power on reset. This can be useful if a NVMe drive locks up for some reason, and you don’t want to send a technician to the physical RAID storage and manually "power down" and "power on" your system in order to power cycle the NVMe drive. Now, ARC-1686 can do this function automatically to check the drive is indeed failed or can be re-used. ARC-1686 Power Disable feature is similar as Power Disable Feature (PD) - disk cold boot management feature introduced with SATA 3.3 - February 2, 2016.


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